60 fun, easy ways to lift your energy and experience more joy.
60 fun, easy ways to lift your energy and experience more joy.

High Vibe Questionnaire


Do you feel stuck in the muck?
Do you want to feel better?
Do you want to ease body tension?
Do you want to feel more joy in your life?
Do you want to heighten your intuition?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you would benefit from raising your vibration.

Take the High Vibe Test and see where you fall on the vibrational scale. Then practice the five activities daily and notice how your life and the energy in your body changes.

What do I mean by vibration?

Vibration is the energy in your body. It is a frequency, a wavelength, the slower the vibrational frequency the heavier the feeling, the faster and higher the vibrational frequency the lighter and more uplifting the feeling.

To begin with, everything is energy. And everything has a vibration.

We learn about this in science class.

We are made up of atoms. They are made from protons, neutrons and electrons that are constantly swirling around each other, so on this sub atomic level nothing is truly solid, not the chair we are sitting on, the floor we walk on… or our bodies.
When I am talking about energy I am not talking about a great big mysterious thing. I am talking about a very ordinary thing that we have lost our connection to.

We take for granted the energy around us every day: the electricity we use in our computers and phones, the energy we use to heat our homes, the energy we use to power our cars and the energy we use to pedal our bicycles!

All of this energy is around us and in us and when we start to have a personal relationship with it then we are able to determine when something is good or bad for us.

To give you a reference, anger, shame and fear are all lower vibrations. They make you feel stuck and unable to make changes; whereas, joy, compassion and love are high vibrations. When you feel these emotional states then you feel empowered to live life more fully, however that looks to you.


We are conditioned to pay attention to the negative things. But why not condition yourself to look at the positive?

Our brain is like a puppy dog. It runs all over the place and poops wherever it wants. But you wouldn’t let your puppy poop all over your house, so don’t let you brain poop all over you. You have more control of your thoughts then you might think.

It starts with you!

Change yourself and the world changes around you.

When you vibrate your energy at a higher level, you feel more joyful, you manifest things more easily, and you heighten your intuition.

And you just feel better, and who doesn’t want to feel better?

Remember, you are an amazingly powerful person. Why not take advantage of that, and use it for good in your life?

How High is Your Vibe?

Get your vibe in five

Here is a test to give yourself a sense of where you are in the world of vibrations. Be honest. You are the one to benefit from your self awareness.

These are yes/no questions: If the statement is not true then score 0, if it is sometimes true then score 1, and if it is always true then score 2

How High is Your Vibe?



If you scored between 0-8, congrats! You are not influenced by low vibe behaviors!

If you scored between 9-17, then you would benefit from paying attention to your vibe.

If you scored between 18-26, then you hang out in a lower vibration and if you increase your vibe you will feel lighter and more joy.


If you scored between 0-8, then you would benefit from raising your vibe.

If you scored between 9-17, good job, you are on your way to a high vibe life.

If you scored between 18-26, then high five! You have a high vibe life. Do a happy dance around the room!

Now what?

Whether you live in a high vibe or a low vibe, if you would like to increase your vibration then the most powerful thing you can do is pay attention to how much you complain and start to reframe your conversation to be more hopeful and positive. Just noticing your negative patterns is a big first step. We are so conditioned to not notice.

I heard recently that complaining is like bad breath, we notice when someone else has bad breath but we don’t notice it coming from our own mouth. This is so true!!

So it is time to notice and it is time to make a change in your life.

Next Step:

On the following pages are five fun and easy activities to help raise your vibration. Practice them daily and practice them often. The more you actively engage with your energy, the more profound the results will be.

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