High Vibe Cards



Lift your energy and bring more joy into your life!

This card deck was created with the intention of bringing more joy into your lives easily and accessibly. Each card within this deck has been thoughtfully crafted to help inspire and uplift your vibrational state. It’s easy to get down and succumb to lower frequency levels, especially when life throws its curve balls your way.

What we need are strong connectors to bring us back into a frequency state of pure joy.


How do we feel joy?

By getting into vibrational alignment with the energy that is Joy. How is this done? By physically feeling joy, no matter your present state or circumstance we can all shift and bring back the vibrational feeling of Joy. Each card is meant to uplift and teach you how to immerse yourself back into a blissful state of joy.

The empowering act of drawing cards from the High-Vibe Deck opens endless opportunities to get back into the feeling of Joy. Each card delivers a healing mantra for you to speak into existence, or a breathing technique to help ground and bring you back into your body, and (my favorite) sometimes just downright silly, playful exercises which awaken your own inner child and immediately brings you back into the feeling of Joy.

I invite you to have fun with this, use this simple yet profound tool to guide your through the inevitable sticky spots in life… most importantly I invite you to enjoy your life and lift your vibes!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in